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Life Lessons with Jazzy: Keep Your Business To Yourself

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but please stop telling EVERYBODY your business! Especially in a workplace environment. Those people that you think are close to you whether they are your coworkers, “friends”, heck sadly even family members are usually not as close to you as they may seem. As the post above suggests, 7 times out…

Mental Health Days: Why They Are Needed

Are you dealing with…. Annoying coworkers? being assigned a monotonous amount of tasks? poor work moral? dread coming to work? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms listed above, then you may have come down with a severe case of ” Ihatethisplaceitis” which translates to “I need a break from this damn office!” Depending on how low your workplace…

Stylish Desk Accessories

Just because your office is boring, doesn’t mean that your desk has to be as well. Become the life of the office with these cute office supplies!