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Stylish Desk Accessories

Just because your office is boring, doesn’t mean that your desk has to be as well. Become the life of the office with these cute office supplies!

Heat Damaged Hair: Can it be reversed?

The answer is YES. It is definitely possible to reverse heat damaged hair without having to cut off your damaged ends. I straighten my hair once a month and because I was once negligent with using heat protect, I have a small bit of damage. Since then, before I straighten my hair, I ALWAYS ensure that my hair is properly…

The Best Online Boutiques for Plus Size Fashion

If you’re a plus size girl, when it comes to clothing, sometimes the struggle can be real. As soon as you walk into a store and visit the plus size section, often times you may notice that the selection is not all that great. I don’t know about you all but when it comes to my clothing and style, it…