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The best body oil ever!

Good morning friends! I just wanted to share this wonderful product with you guys today. So let’s talk about Dr. Teals Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Oil. With fall approaching, now is the perfect time to update your self care routine. With colder weather comes drier skin and this stuff will definitely keep the ash flakes at bay. I absolutely love…

The best face wash ever!!

Sooo…let’s talk about this absolutely wonderful face wash “Loreal Pure Clay Matte Cleanser”. This stuff right here has made my skin absolutely fabulous!! While all of the products in this line are great, this particular one is absolutely magical! Dealing with oily skin, especially in the summertime, can definitely be rough. Who wants to walk around looking all shiny like…

Neutral Makeup With A Splash of Blue

Hi Friends! Today makeup tutorial will consist of a basic neutral eye with a splash of blue. Sounds easy right?! Well that’s because it is! If you guys have any suggestions on looks that you would like for me to create. Feel free to let me know in the comments. Time to get JAZZ-IFFIED!!

Smokey Makeup

Hi friends! So yesterday was my birthday and this was the look I decided to go with. Want to learn how to do a simple bronzed smoke eye? I’m hear to help! Grab your makeup bag, a glass of wine, and lets get JAZZ-IFIED!!

Neutral Summer Time Makeup

“Makeup? In this weather? Are you crazy?” Is probably what you’re thinking and if so, my answer is yes. No matter the season I always slay my face. Not sure how to wear your makeup? Well I’m here to help friend! Time to get Jazz-ified! What I like to do next is combine a bit of concealer and foundation. My…