Getting into the zone: 3 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated

Have you ever found yourself feeling…

-Having the inability to get up and do the things that you enjoy?

If so, you may be experiencing what I like to call a good ol’ mental block a.ka lack of motivation. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives, no matter where we are in life. When it happens it absolutely sucks! Things that you once enjoyed suddenly become a pain to do and all you want to do is sit down and rest your mind. Life stressors and of course poor mental health are the two main causes motivation loss. With everything going on in our lives it can be easy to get lost down the road of chaos. This is why it is important to take ourselves not only physically, but mentally as well. If you find yourself feeling worn out to the point where everything you do is just….difficult, take some time to just….


Just because life moves fast, doesn’t mean you have to move along with it. You owe it to yourself to get the mental rest and relaxation that you deserve! Today I come to you all with 3 ways to motivate yourself. You don’t have to go through this alone! With my help you’ll be ready to go!

Come back to it

Sometimes when we feel unmotivated, we don’t want to do anything but…CHILL. No matter what you do you feel like you aren’t at your best and the ideas aren’t flowing like they usually do. Don’t you just hate when that happens? I know I do, especially when it comes to my blog. It’s been a minute since I’ve really been into it, but now I’m back and ready to help you all with life’s struggles!

As mentioned above, your mental health should always take priority and sometimes we just need to take a moment to regroup and get ourselves together. When I say together by the way I mean ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. Remember you’re interests and hobbies aren’t going anywhere so take all the time you need to get your mind right. Take all the time you need to get back into that good place again and when the time is right you will know.

Be Your Own Hypeman

Who’s ready to take on the day and make the most of it ?! YOU ARE! That’s who! LEEETTT’S DO THIIISSSS!!!

On the days where we are not feeling our best, sometimes it’s best to just be your own hype man. Hype yourself up to get things done and put some stank on it (figuratively of course)! That extra little boost of energy that you feel once you’re all hyped and ready to go will make things alot easier to handle. Not only will everything will feel a heck of alot less of a challenge, you may also find yourself having fun as well.

Write It Down

Our last and final way to help get yourself motivated tied with the first suggestion of “coming back to it”. Got an idea but not in the mood to execute it? Be sure to write it down and come back to it. This method has helped me get through those oh so fun brain farts I get where I have a great idea or topic for my blog, but I’m just not feeling it that day. No matter how big or small your idea is, always make sure to write it down so that way when you feel up to it, you can get to work and do your best! Sometimes the best work comes from a delayed mind. Now when I say that I mean taking the time to gather your thoughts and putting everything together before executing your idea. Slowing down to take time to yourself to get your mind write so everything will just flow. This one is my personal favorite strategy to get motivated because not only has it helped me with my blog, but it definitely comes in handy with other areas of life as well (*ahem* school).

Hello! How you doin?! Are you doing ok?! Has this article help you feel prepared to face the world and take on tasks? If so! YAY! I’m glad it helped! This concludes my 3 strategies on how to get yourself motivated when you’re not feeling you best. With that being said….





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  One thought on “Getting into the zone: 3 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated

  1. July 2, 2021 at 6:36 pm

    This content was great! I definitely struggle with this sometimes! Thank you for sharing!

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