It’s #NationalMargarita Day!

It’s National Margarita Day!

After working hard all day it’s only right to treat yourself to a nice, refreshing, fruity margarita. I mean it’s 5′ oclock somewhere right?! Relax and unwind with your favorite margarita in hand. Today’s a great day to laugh and have a good time wit the ones closest to you, because you deserve it!

In honor of national Margarita Day, I will be sharing with you all this quick, simple recipe that I know you’ll enjoy! Drink up and be merry!

Jazzy Jayes’s Tropical Delight

Rating: 1 out of 5.


  • 1 can of frozen lemonade
  • 2 cups of cherrys
  • 2 cups of pinapples
  • 1 cup of ginger ale
  • 2 shots of tequila

(Keep in mind these measurements are just rough estimates. Feel free to eye it and make it to your liking!)


  • In blender, add all of the ingredients above
  • Blend together until nice and smooth

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