Ask Jazzy Advice Column # 4

Q: As a high school introvert, I got used to keeping my thoughts to myself. I have a few friends and I’m lively around them but I always get awkward when meeting new people or those outside my circle. I now graduated college and I learned a lot about in life. I pursued my passion in figure skating and I became a coach. I can already talk to different types and ages of people (from young ones to adults). I also became an ESL teacher before becoming a coach. So I guess that helped me pick up some social skills.

I will enroll in law school this year and I’ve seen in social media that I will be joined with some batchmates as well. I’m afraid that they will remind me of who I used to be. I’m afraid to go back as an introvert or do you think I’m just overthinking this? I don’t want that everything I worked up on will go to waste. Socializing may seem easy for some but not introverts. It’s actually not a confidence thing for me because I love performing since high school. I was a dancer and I was also a leader in various instances. It’s weird that I’m socially awkward. It lessened after I pursued my passion but it that awkward girl in me is still there.

A. To be honest, I think you may be overthinking it. As a fellow introvert, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. It is perfectly OK to keep to yourself or only socialize with a few. Honestly it’s the best way to be because not everyone is for you. It’s not in you to be extroverted. Stop forcing it! You don’t need to be in any and everybody’s face chatting away with them. Always let the conversations flow naturally and feel out the vibe. If the vibe is right and you feel at ease when conversing with them; go ahead and try form that relationship with them. The wonderful thing about this approach is that you may end up gaining a lifelong friend who actually cares about you instead of someone who does nothing but talk about you behind your back. This is why it’s important to take the time to get to know people, I don’t care what type of relationship you are looking to pursue, instead of letting just anyone into your life.

As far as law school is concerned, don’t stress over it. All you need to focus on is studying, getting your work done, and doing what you need to do to graduate to land that dream job you’ve always wanted. I mean think about it this way. Many people DREAM of being able to go to law school but realistically only a few make it. CONGRATS on your accomplishment! Maintain a positive attitude and keep your head up. You will do great things and success will be rewarded to you in due time. 😊

Are you facing a challenge in life and not sure how to handle the situation? I’m here to help! With life comes many obstacles but you don’t have to face them alone. Whether you are dealing with issues pertaining to your current relationship, self esteem, or even just the hardships of life, I am here to provide a listening ear and help steer you in the right direction.

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