Ask Jazzy Advice Column #1

How To Get Rid Of The Negativity In Your Life

Question: Throughout college, I struggled with my self esteem, missed opportunities because I was afraid of rejection & cared about what people thought of me. While most people say that I’m an outgoing person, I’ve become more of an introvert because I’ve been backstabbed by people that I trusted. Since graduation, I’ve been on a journey to live unapologetically! What are some habits that I should work on to continue focusing on my success and not let negative people ( ex friends, ex love interests, ex co-workers, etc.) get to me?


Hi there! First off, I’d like to say I’ve been down this road before myself and what a bumpy road it was! It sucks when the people that you felt were close to you decide to suddenly stab you in the back. All sorts of emotions are experienced from feelings of loneliness to hatred due to the way the person treated you. After a while, we notice those feelings begin to go away. All is well again because our emotional wounds have healed. Isn’t it amazing how life works sometimes? 
In regards to those negative people who are no longer in your life, the best thing to do is let them go. Whether an old flame or an old friend, they are called ex’s for a reason. The best thing to do “X” them out of your life and keep it moving. Tend to your own happiness because your mental health and well being always comes first. They weren’t worried about you or your feelings when they what they did to you, so why let them affect you? With this sort of situation, it’s best to use what I like to call an “Out of sight, out of mind approach.” Free yourself from them mentally and move on with your life. It may hurt a little bit, but in the end it will all be worth it. 😊

Some habits that you can work on include:
Get to know yourself: You don’t need ANYONE to make you feel good about yourself! Learn to do things on your own and enjoy your own company. Plan fun activities for yourself such as a “self” date or even go to that bar you’ve always wanted to go. Most importantly practice self care. As I always say, “take care of the mind and it will take care of you!”. You’ll find life to be more enjoyable when you don’t have any of that drama or negativity that people can bring into your life.
– Know Your Worth: People can be weird creatures. One minute they’re cool with you and the next they hate you. Remember, you don’t owe anyone anything! If they can’t treat you with kindness and respect, then they are simply not worth your time. 

– Continue To Work On Your Success: I’m so happy you mentioned this! This is the best thing to focus on when it comes to getting rid of the negativity in your life.You’re a true boss in the making!  Network, get your money up, and create the life for yourself that you’ve always wanted. We don’t have time for other people’s foolishness when it comes to reaching our goals. It’s your life and you deserve nothing but the best! πŸ’•

Are you facing a challenge in life and not sure how to handle the situation? I’m here to help! With life comes many obstacles but you don’t have to face them alone. Whether you are dealing with issues pertaining to your current relationship, self esteem, or even just the hardships of life, I am here to provide a listening ear and help steer you in the right direction.

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    Hey Jazzy thanks for the share very informative
    Stay happy safe and healthy

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