Product Review: Hair Ecstasy Silicone Polisher

Hey guys! Today I present to you all a review on Hair Ectstacy‘s Shining Silicon Polisher. If you would like to purchase this product, visit their website at They have lots of wonderful products for all hair types!

O…M…G! This stuff right here, is absolutely AMAZING! This product not only acts as a heat protectant but it also makes your hair incredible shiny as well. Whether relaxed or natural, if you tend to wear your hair straightened quite often, this product is absolutely perfect for you!

look at that shine!


With this product, a little definitely goes a long way. This product has a thick consistency. All you need is a dime sized amount of product to get the shine and protection that you need. Once applied, the results are immediate and your hair will quickly go from blah to gorgeous!


Not only does it work great, but it smells great as well. The scent is not too overpowering and has a heavenly clean, floral scent. Sounds lovely right? Well that’s because it is!

All in all this is an excellent product and will give your hair that extra “oomph” that it needs! Why not give it a try? Go get you some today!!

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