5 Things You Can Do to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Good ol’ depression and anxiety…Don’t you just love when it just creeps up on you? Out of nowhere you feel the overwhelming thoughts, numbness, sadness, etc. and sometimes it’s just too much to handle. It’s like that one annoying friend or family member that comes to visit you and overstays their welcome. If you ever feel like this, here are some things that you can do..

  • Force yourself out of bed…with depression and anxiety, I know it can be hard to get yourself out of bed, but sometimes you just need to force yourself to wake up. While it may feel good at the moment, it can actually make you feel worse. You’ll find alone with your thoughts and realize that you have accomplished nothing for the day but sleep to essentially make the pain go away. To combat this I recommend going for a walk outside, invite a trustworthy friend over to discuss your feelings, or treat yourself with a self care day.
  • Don’t use alcohol…From my own experience, drinking alcohol when you’re moody can be one of the worse things you can do. It’s a downer so it can actually end up making for feel worse than you did before. If you feel the urge for a slight “head change” I recommend chamomile tea or even a product that contains CBD.
  • Take a trip somewhere…Spontaneous trip are always fun to take and it’s exciting to explore new cities. If you feel that you need a quick escape from life, take it. Life is too short to stay stuck in the same town and your brain will definitely thank you.
  • Have a self care day….As mentioned above, a self care day is a great way to distract yourself from your thoughts and feeling. A self care day can consist of getting a massage, taking a nice hot bath, or just take a day off to destress from whatever is triggering you.
  • Talk it out….Don’t just let yourself marinade in your feelings. If it’s one of those days and you find that it is difficult to focus on anything, the best thing to do is talk to someone you TRUST. The reason why I emphasize trust is because you want to ensure that the person is truly there to listen to you and add input when necessary, not someone who you consider a friend but is quick to tell your business. Trust me, it will feel great to get those feeling off of your chest as well as out of your head and you will feel much better.

This concludes my list of some things that you can do to overcome depression and anxiety. Remember, your mental health comes first, take care of it. 😊

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