Things to do on a rainy day

I know this might sound crazy but…I actually enjoy hurricane season! Everyone starts to panic which often times leads to businesses closing. Who doesn’t love a day or 2 off of work especially if it’s close to the weekend! That’s about 3-4 days of relaxation, sometimes more if the storm is really nasty. Rainy days don’t have to be boring. Here are some things that I enjoy doing when I’m at home due to the weather.

  • Blogging: My head gets filled up with all sorts of thoughts and ideas when I’m just chilling at home. Instead if keeping it in there, I’ll take my phone out and start blogging.
  • Watch a movie: Though I may fall asleep, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with my boyfriend and puppy on a rainy day to watch an awesome movie.
  • Look outside the window: I’ll admit I am one of those nosey neighbors (๐Ÿ˜‚), but instead of watching the wacky things my neighbors do, it’s nice to just sit by the window and just watch nature do its thang!
  • Play a video game: SIMS, while I wouldn’t say i’m obssessed, but I can play that game ALL DAY LONG! It’s cool to watch your little families grow and I love giving my virtual people makeovers!!
  • Sleep: The pitter pattering ( I don’t know how else to really describe the sound of rain but if you can think of any other sound effects leave it in the comments below) of the rain makes it easy for me to fall asleep. After I drink my wine or lavendar chamomile tea, IT’S OVER! Rainy day sleep is the best!

What are some things that you enjoy doing on a rainy day. Let me know in the comments!

  One thought on “Things to do on a rainy day

  1. September 23, 2019 at 2:14 am

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