Heat Damaged Hair: Can it be reversed?

The answer is YES. It is definitely possible to reverse heat damaged hair without having to cut off your damaged ends. I straighten my hair once a month and because I was once negligent with using heat protect, I have a small bit of damage. Since then, before I straighten my hair, I ALWAYS ensure that my hair is properly moisturized and heat protectant is used.

The key to getting those curls to bounce back is MOISTURE. While sporting straightened tresses, you always want to make sure it is properly moisturized to avoid breakage. I highly recommend black caster oil. Not only do I use it for hair growth, but it also does an excellent job of keeping both my scalp and ends moisturized.

Let’s Talk Products

While my wash day routine is still in the trial and error phase, if you would like your curls to come back I highly recommend these 2 products

These 2 products mixed together create absolute magic! I have been using these products over the course of 2 months and I have definitely noticed a difference in that one area. That section of hair is no longer as limp as it was before and my curls are slowly coming back.

Have you had any experience with heat damage? Let me know in the comments below.

  One thought on “Heat Damaged Hair: Can it be reversed?

  1. August 27, 2019 at 2:35 am

    I had horrible hear damage from just one time of going to the Dominican lady to straighten it (haven’t straightened in 7yrs now) I didn’t want to cut it again because I was proud of my length so I use Dudley’s Hair Rebuilder which was about $25 and it’s the most expensive single product I’ve ever purchased but absolutely worth it. I used it as a deep conditioner treatment and after two uses I noticed a difference. By the time the bottle was empty I was back to full strength hair with no heat damage strands. The beauty is that I’ve never had to purchase another bottle

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