The best face wash ever!!

Sooo…let’s talk about this absolutely wonderful face wash “Loreal Pure Clay Matte Cleanser”. This stuff right here has made my skin absolutely fabulous!! While all of the products in this line are great, this particular one is absolutely magical!

Dealing with oily skin, especially in the summertime, can definitely be rough. Who wants to walk around looking all shiny like a discoball? I mean sure you could look at it from a positive point of view if you are going for the trendy dewy look, but that is definitely not for me! With this product, your skin stays matte ALL DAY, even with makeup on. It also has a pretty decent smell as well!

This article is not sponsored, I just wanted to share the awesomeness of this product with you guys. What are some products that you all like to use on your face? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking to add new products to my self care routine. 💖

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