Neutral Makeup With A Splash of Blue

Hi Friends! Today makeup tutorial will consist of a basic neutral eye with a splash of blue. Sounds easy right?! Well that’s because it is!

If you guys have any suggestions on looks that you would like for me to create. Feel free to let me know in the comments. Time to get JAZZ-IFFIED!!

Alright guys, so the first thing that we will do is get our faces prepped! So what I did here was apply my foundation/concealer mixture and style my eyebrows.
Apply a brown eyeshadow along your crease and lower lash line to add some depth.
Next we will go ahead and apply a beige eyeshadow to our eyelids and a sparkly champagne color in the inner corners of our eyes.
Next add a sparkly blue eyeshadow along you bottom inner corner of your eye and drag is along 1/4 of your eyelid.
To add some extra STANK lightly add a dark brown in the outside corner of your eye and blend, blend, blend!!!
Alright guys, we are almost done! I told you this would be a simple look. Lets go ahead powder our face, create a cat eye with liquid eyeliner and add eyeliner along our bottom lashline. After we get everything lined and divine go ahead and add your mascara along your top and bottom lashes.
Aannnddd we are done!!

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